Journeys With A Difference

Chakratirtha Travels is a one of a kind venture. We are perhaps the first ones to tell you that you don’t need to travel physically to journey with us. Between your thirst to know India in a deeper way, especially with respect to her ancient and mysterious spirit, and your actual journey through her terrain, lies a nebulous space-time gap.

We help you to bridge that gap meaningfully from where you are,And when you find yourself ready and able to physically traverse the miles, we offer you a personalized guided journey.

Journeys are very often not a linear progression from one point to another. The traveller takes  circuitous routes; make detours; pauses to absorb and reflect. Some  wind and spiral their way by unexpected  means to the destination of their dreams. This is what our Chakratirtha represents. Those curves  and pauses, the acts of circling and recircling before landing are meaningful. The internet just made the process so much easier and we use it as a ford to guide you across.

India’s spiritual heritage is wonderfully inclusive of and interconnected with that of the world, having absorbed and assimilated,  recreated and disseminated from ancient times.

We share this  heritage with you in a unique and different way. For us this treasure house, both vast and deep, stretches far beyond and sometimes away from the expected. Beyond organized religious systems, away from the popular sites that draw visitors, off the beaten track.

India’s journey is a continuing and evolving one. In line with people the world over, its denizens are increasingly falling into the snare of the mundane and immediate, refraining from living more fully and deeply, losing perspective.  But India has a strong, enduring spirit that calls from within and restores the balance.  Worldwide, heritage and history tend to be objectified and the common person is isolated from them.
However for numerous ordinary Indians, a sense of continuity and an organic connection with the historical and  the mystical, have not been erased and continue at a subconscious level. At Chakratirtha  Travels, we invite you you to uncover and awaken those deep connections and cherish and nurture them.

. ..... . Love from Incognita, Kim and Karan


  1. That's the best part about journeys- explorations and unveiling mysteries- what India is all about. I'm enjoying reading here about not-so common destinations where one can be. Guided Personalized journeys seem to be something really useful. Looking forward to details.

  2. If you go exploring and digging up for truths and secrets hidden under multiple realms of our country you shall find - NOTHING for truth is seldom hidden, all has been laid out in the open.
    all you have to do is have some faith and take the leap into the realms of clarity, places without deception. Even as it isn’t necessary to go to different places, there are places where one crosses over the fragile veil between Maya and truth .The very soil on which we stand has witnessed all that has passed

    Only when you clear the air of deception will you be able to breathe in the true aroma of the soil which is nothing but the aroma of your own thought . This is what India teaches me everyday, despite the mirages that surround us , the truth is not hard to get to , for these mirages do not hide the truth they simply co-exist , just as mythology and history do.
    We at CTT help you to co-exist with the above :)

    1. This comment is of immense relevance in the current situation

  3. I love this thought that the true aroma of the soil is the aroma of our own thought! I think this reinforces Eck's satement that "going to a tirtha is not only a matter of the feet, but also a matter of the heart" (India: A Sacred Geography). She seems to understand exactly what Karan is saying about the coexistence of place and spirit.

  4. The Personalized Guided Journey which will quench the traveler's thirst for the knowledge of Indian Culture and Heritage.
    Journey is, indeed, all about exploration. Indian Heritage is spellbinding!

  5. Welcome to the blog evanescence and thank you for commenting.
    Great to have you exploring along with us!
    You will run into watering holes for your thirst where you least expect them :)

  6. To know history behind a specific monument is intriguing and one gets to absorb it even more if done with comfort.

    Your travel theme is awesome and I wish you and your team the best!
    Sharing it across